This is my first attempt at writing a blog in a long while.  I’ve stopped and started on another platform, but never got into it.  Now that I’m out of school and writing full-time, I can take a more concentrated stab at this thing.  I enjoy reading blogs, so I may as well write one.

Up until college, I wan not a non-fiction person.  I took a course at the Institute of Children’s Literature and dabbled in writing small topical articles, but fiction was my real love, and still is.  I did go through a poetry phase in 9th grade, but we won’t talk about that.

As a freelance writer, and a writer in general, I don’t want to box myself in.  I’ve got to try new things, new genres and styles.  To be honest, it’s not that much of a risk — not like sending off a manuscript.  As the (proud?) owner of several rejected manuscripts, I feel pretty safe taking the plunge into blogging.

I’m glad you stopped by and hope you’ll enjoy reading it.  Happy reading, happy writing.


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